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I am a homeschool mom, experienced "webmama"/biz owner of multiple websites (over 10yrs experience), passionate leader, educator & general go-getter/crazy person. :)

My websites:
Tina's Website Shop (2011)
FresnoFamily.com (2001)
MommyChats.com (2003)
Homeschool Realm (2010)
Homeschool Podcasts (2010)

I've also:
-founded a local attachment parenting mom's group (10yrs & 170 moms later--still active & growing!)
-helped organize a local secular homeschool group
-helped found and organize an annual baby festival locally for 6 years
-founded a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit homeschool resource center, The Learning Village (and yes, I do that website too!) for which I am still the president and librarian
-and have been involved in a local nonprofit kid's science center for many years, first as an educator, later as event/activity coordinator and now as board member.

Yes, I am an extremely passionate (& most likely A.D.D.) person. I don't do anything small, never have. When I become interested in something, I tend to obsess over and run with it. Since I became a mother this has just exploded in me. My kids & my family are my life.

My latest is Tina's Website Shop, where I will be offering Wordpress themes & prebuilt sites for people (especially at-home moms) who want to work from home. Also teaching webinars for children to help them learn to create their own websites. The sky's the limit as to where kids with an idea can go, & I'm here to help them learn to take flight through creating an outlet for their passions & dreams via Wordpress websites.
In no particular order: My husband, my kids, my family, homeschooling, learning new things, Wordpress, playing with websites, reading (listening to audio books, no time for actually reading much these days!), listening to podcasts, creating content for my many websites, helping bring much needed income in to our family, helping other moms, helping others work from home, watching Dr. Who, listening to music, being in nature (don't find enough time for that), having alone time, time to think, journaling and blogging (both!), taking pictures & movies, exploring new ideas, working on exciting projects...
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